Not Retired Yet

Wed, 10/14/2020 - 12:36 -- Alson

Since the last post, I've accepted several short term assignments.

These have included Supply Chain and Financial assessments for health care and public sector clients.and some go-live support.

A side volunteer gig this summer was learning and designing implementation of Oracle NetSuite's Warehouse Management System 9WMS) and Commerce Suite In Store (CSIS) modules.  While not as robust as Koch/Infor/Lawson, it provided a challenge to learn a bit about another software system.  This effot was in the non-profit sector.  Kids In Need Foundation was managing a 4.5 Million inventory on a series of unrelated google sheets and SalesForce.    Integration challenges abounded.

Continuing to look for part time or short term assignments to keep the brain active and support our love of travel.