Client Details

Application(s): AP - EDI

Second role was to troubleshoot Accounts Payable issues. These included assisting temps with identification of purchase orders related to invoices, Received Not Invoiced, Invoiced Not Received, and Matched Not Received.


Initial Role was to document and add EDI connectivity, particularly for Invoice (810) processing.  Added 42 vendors with testing of Purchase Orders to Global Healthcare Excahnge (GHX).  Automated process for a single vendor executing Advance Ship Notice (856) and Invoice (810).   Automated process for major Medical Surgical provider and all 40 other vendors executing Invoice (810).

Client was working with GHX to complete boarding for invoice processing. 

Client had gone-live in October with only 2 vendors.  With previous ERP system they had been live for purchase Order processing with 35 vendors.



Role(s): AP Process improvement - EDI documentation - enhancement
Date(s): 2014/01 - 2014/04
Industry: Health Care
Contractor: Bails & Associates