Client Details

Application(s): Upgrade 8.1.6 to 9.0.1

Client had allowed installed software to lapse as the application level was decomissioned.

An upgrade path was determined which required Lawson to restore access to an archived upgrade from 8.1 6 to MSP 7

Mutlipe interfaces were involved, using new technology.  Modifications had been made to base code in several programs.  60 local programs had been developed with related data base structures.


Estimated work effort at 10 weeks for 2 technical resources and 1 application resource.

Prepared an assessment document, which was forwraded with pricing to the client. 

Timing of the first year end and budget process, postponed the effort to second half of 2014.

Participated in Executiion of Skip Upgrade, testing modified core code, and custom programs.

Prepared test plan and cutover plan

Role(s): Estimate time, and resouce to complete upgrade
Date(s): 2014 07/08/01
Industry: Education
Contractor: Bails & Associates