Client Details

Application(s): Project & Activity Accounting

Worked with a team of Accounting personnel implementing SANRU Tracker, an application developed for non-profits in Democratic Republic of Congo.  Developed a modified SYSCOHADA chart of accounts to replace a non-standard chart being used in QuickBooks.  The effort was to combine 14 sets of QuickBooks data into a single system, accessible by projects and finance to provide tracking and visibilty for the 20 projects underway per year.

System was written and documented in MS Access using the French langauge.  Prior to arrival in Africa, I translated the documentation to English.

Prepared sample project data for 4 projects, and developed a project for finance (bank, safe, cashier drawers), and a rollup project.

Team continues to implement projects as they are added.

Role(s): Implement, Test, Train
Date(s): 2012/03 - 2012/04
Industry: Health Care