Client Details

Application(s): Supply Chain - Strategic Sourcing, Contract Management, Punchout

Worked with another consultant to implement new functionality , i.e. Strategic Sourcing and Contract Management.. 

Provided training on Purchase Order, Requisitions,Invoice Matching and eProcurement (Punchout).

Developed interace specification to and from Lawson and Spear.  Assisted with implementation of Tolerance anc Chargeback processing for Accounts Payable

Milestone consulting on project with 1 - 2 weeks per month on-site.

Lawson Application Training: Requisitions, Purchase Order, Invoice Matching: provided for Implementation Team.

Lawson Extension Training: eProcurement (Punchout): provided technical team training

Role(s): Procurment design, documentation, interface specifications
Date(s): 2011/01 - 2012/02
Industry: Transportation