Client Details

Application(s): Procurement - Financials

Worked with contract management on pricing and vendor agreements and  with receiving.  Had to back out $6,000,000.000.00 transaction that should have been $98.00.  Improper unit of measure was used (Case price for EA unit).  Worked with Accounts payable on clean up of outstanding unmatched invoices.  Worked with finance on improper correction of one side of zone balance leaving the other out of balance. 

DMC had been forced to implement Lawson too quickly due to legal requirements.  Some bad advice was given by the consulting firm hired to implement.  Lawson had sent short term resource to assist.  It was messy, but significant progress was made during the engagement.

There was a significant issue with indigent health care, and much turmoil within the executive leadership of the organization.

Lawson Application Training:  Purchase Order, Invoice Matching (related Accounts Payable); Provided to end users

Role(s): Rescue
Date(s): 2003/05 - 2003/08
Industry: Health Care
Contractor: HealthLink