Client Details

Application(s): Procurement

Arrived on day 2 of go-live for procurement and financials.  Client was using a hosted service, and implementation consultant rolled off on day 2.  Significant work was not completed., primarily inventory replenishment, inventory valuation, and vendor agreement pricing.  GL Categories were not properly setup, so significant journal entries were required to properly identify transactions.

For several weeks, a team would meet daily to determine requirements for the next day, and then drive to surrounding vendor locations to return needed supplies.

An upgrade to the software was mandated by the hosting service shortly after go-live, so efforts were underway for required modiifications. 

Inventory Replenishment parameters were identified and implemented.  Buyers were working on completing Vendor Agreements.

The medical staff implemented a review process to insure that progress was being made.

Role(s): Rescue - Post Go-Live Support
Date(s): 2002/12 - 2003/01
Industry: Health Care
Contractor: HealthLink