Client Details

Application(s): HR/PR/BN/ FIN

Hibbett Sports headquarters is in Birminghame AL  Stores and franchises are located accross a broad area of the south eastern US.. 

iSeries client was upgraded from 7 - 8 and to a later release of BIS tax.

Much required address data was missing to support BSI Tax and had to be created to properly calculate the multiple states.  In addition, many employees lived in one state and worked in another. 

It took two attempts and a change in project personnel to complete the upgrade.  Much post upgrade data maniputation was required.  A significant number of interfaces were updated as well.

Client was using an old version of Lawson Insight Desktop which was updated.  Some users were still using iSeries Green screen for data entry. 



Role(s): Lead upgrade
Date(s): 2005/06 - 2005/09
Industry: Retail