Off the Clock

Here's a page for other activities.

Alaska: inside passage and Land tour to include Glacer Bay, Anchorage, Denali,  Fairbanks an the Yukon. Shold be fun.

Heal Africa: Alson volunteered with this organization in the Democratic Republic of the Congo from March 10 through April 18, 2012.  The task was to implement a financial project accounting application integrating several 3rd party data sources.

Congo Initiative:  Providing academic rigor and instilling service ethic in future leaders.  6 initiives including Christian Bilingual Univsity - UCBC in Beni North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Evangelion Chorale: Alson is currently a member of the Tenor section.  Alson also serves as the Content Manager for the group's website.  Evangelion completed a successful tour to Ukraine during July 2012.  Joining with 7 nationals, the group performed 10 concerts across central and northern Ukraine from Cherkassy to La'viv

Stillwater MN:  Alson and Wendy live on Main Street in downtown.  Visitors welcome.