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Symphony Corporation is a global technology solutions provider based in Madison, WI.  We help organizations develop a range of technology solutions, including quality software products, in less time at a lower costs.  Symphony maintains world class development facilities that are audited and comply with HIPAA and FDA CFR guidelines.

Symphony has over 13 years of proven experience in planning, designing, building and managing complex software applications.  Symphony's clients include start-ups, global Fortune 500 corporations, academic research centers, and various state and federal agencies.  Symphony has extensive experience in bringing products from conception to production for numerous clients in various vertical domains including healthcare, medical devices, academic institutes, insurance, life sciences, finance, government, mobile applications, media, and logistics.  Our experience includes building complex real-time transaction based enterprise applications, mission critical medical device interfaces, mobile applications, large data warehouse and analytics platforms, and high performance, content rich, web based products.


Contact Address:
Symphony Corporation
22 E Mifflin Street
Suite 400
Madison, WI 53703
United States
Status: Active