Data Verification Toolkit (DVT) Purchase Order

Fri, 10/26/2012 - 11:34 -- Alson

Data Verification for Purchase Order

PO Orphan Check (PO420) Report Only

This program identifies Headers with no lines and lines with no headers. 

PO Document Integrity Check (PO421) Report Only

This program verifies that open lines relate to open headers. It also confirms that open line counters in the header (PURCHORDER) match the number of open lines (POLINE). For inventory tracked items, the program verifies that related demand records exist in the warehouse module.

PO Orphan Record Check (PO430) Update

This program updates Headers with no lines and lines with no headers and purges orphan records

PO Document Integrity Check (PO431)

Program will re-open a closed purchase order headers if open lines exist, reset open line counter, and create missing demand records

Note:  Update programs require signing a no-charge license with Lawson/Infor acknowledging responsibility for results of data corruptions issues being addressed.